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Het Vlaamse welzijnszorgbeleid in de jaren tachtig: een overzicht

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Frans Lammertyn, "Het Vlaamse welzijnszorgbeleid in de jaren tachtig: een overzicht", Res Publica, 3-4, (1991):481-502

    During the last decades Belgium bas undergone a fundamental change in its political structure. lbe state reform of 1970-71 ended the unitary state. Three new territorial divisions were included in the constitution: the linguistic Regions, the Cultural Communities and the Regions. With the state reform of 1980, a further step on the road toward federalization was taken. The Cultural Communities were remodeled into Communities. From that moment on these legislative bodies were also in charge of health and social services. This article looks at the way the Flemish Community has developed its social welf are policy during the last decade. It gives an overview of the legislative work concerning the ten parts of the social welf are sector and of the evolution of the financial means the Flemish Executive has appropriated for it.

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