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Veranderingen in de gemeentelijke organisatie en beleidsvoering

Een eerste evaluatie vijf jaar na de samenvoegingen

Auteurs Rudolf Maes

Rudolf Maes
  • Samenvatting

      In this synthesis report of the congress that was sponsored by the Politologisch Instituut on the evaluation of the amalgamations of the municipalities, the changes are further investigated that were the consequences of this reform in the areas of municipal organisation and policy implementation. The overall impression that one can receive from the evaluation conducted up tilt now allows one to point to several favourable developments ihat relate, for example, to the content improvement of policy formation and to a better support of it by a quantitatively and, apparently, also a qualitatively better constructed official apparatus. In most of the new municipalities, there are more perspectives available for policy implementation than was previously the case. Nevertheless, the weak points of the transition from the small to the large-scale administration must also be stressed. These are strongly related to the necessity of continuing to assure the open and democratie content of the policy implementation in a context in which the newly created distances between the administration and the citizens, the danger of bureaucratisation, and the tensions coupled with the integration demand a new approach and new insights.

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