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Verschuivingen bij de besluitvormers na de fusies van gemeenten

Auteurs Georges Anthoon

Georges Anthoon
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      On the level of the administrative power of the municipalities, the amalgamations did not lead to an increase of their authority. In addition, the distance between the citizen and the administration has increased in three ways: the increased distances between the centres and the outlying residential zones raised the problem of intramunicipal service provision; the social distance also increased because of the increase of the influence of and the importance attached to the municipal executive body; the expansion of the tasks of the administrators led to an organisational distance. The political policy structures have also been profoundly changed after the amalgamations: the national parties have gained in influence; political instability has increased; the structures were adapted to the new situation; the operation of the local policy organs has changed; the municipal councils acquired a more intellectually oriented professional composition.

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