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Urban conflict and voting pattern

some tentative generalizations from the last state election in Hamburg

Auteurs Wolfgang Jagodzinski, Jürgen Friedrichs en Hermann Dülmer

Wolfgang Jagodzinski

Jürgen Friedrichs

Hermann Dülmer
  • Samenvatting

      During the last years immigration has aggravated the socialproblems in many disadvantaged urban districts. High proportions of foreigners are concentrating in those areas which suffer from unemployment and bad housing conditions. The accumulation of social problems has created a climate of insecurity, social prejudices, and political dissatisfaction. Since political discontent presently is not remedied by the established political parties, it results in low voting participation and increasing proportions of right wing votes. The close connection between the intensity of social problems on the one side, low voter turnout and high success of right extremist parties on the other side, is empirically established by an ecological analysis of the recent state elections in Hamburg.

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