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Joseph Barthélémy et les Commissions permanentes de la Chambre des Représentants de Belgique

Auteurs Claude Courtoy

Claude Courtoy
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      Some French infiuences have to be found to explain how the two functions (legislative and control over the Cabinet) of the Standing Committees of the Belgian House of Representatives have evolved. In 1920, when the first Standing Committees system was introduced in the Belgian House of Representatives, a direct French contribution can already be noticed. As a matter of fact, the Speaker of the Committee of Parliamentary Procedures derives his report directly from one made a few months earlier by Joseph Barthélémy for the French House of Representatives. Again in 1935, the first total revision of the entire rules of procedure of the House of Representatives shows the ideal of some French statemen (Poincaré, Tardieu, Blum) to struggle against the assembly system withthe result of a limitation in the functions of the Standing Committees down to its legislative part. These functions were not altered during the second revision in 1962, but some sort of diffused control over theCabinet was still exerted. In 1979, this control was finally formalised.

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