Mensbeelden bij beleid: van rationeel en ­verantwoordelijk tot kwetsbaar of onwelwillend

Auteurs Wieke Blijleven en Franziska de Koning

Wieke Blijleven
Dr. W. Blijleven is onderzoeker bij het Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau. Zij promoveerde in 2021 aan Tilburg University bij Frank Hendriks en Merlijn van Hulst.

Franziska de Koning
Dr. F. de Koning is onderzoeker bij het Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau. Zij promoveerde in 2021 aan de Universiteit Twente bij Marcel Boogers, Henk van der Kolk en Don Westerheijden.
  • Samenvatting

      Policy choices are largely inspired by images of man: assumptions about the lives and behaviour of people to whom the policy applies. Despite their influence on policy, images of man often remain implicit and are often taken for granted. Although there has been increasing political and social attention to this theme in recent years, there is still little academic knowledge about the role of images of man in policy. This article aims to close this knowledge gap by researching and making visible images of man behind policy. Based on document analysis, interviews and focus group discussions with involved officials, this article focuses on the Dutch Lifelong Development policy and the Covid vaccination strategy. The research shows that the rational, responsible view of man and its counterpart, the vulnerable person, are a dominant underpinning of policy. This initially results in policy that informs and supports citizens and above all leaves them free to do so. But the policy uses a specific, normative interpretation of what the rational and responsible choice is; namely learning and developing and getting vaccinated. This specific interpretation carries the risk that other priorities, concerns and considerations of people not to develop or be vaccinated are at best not seen or served, and at worst are portrayed as irrational, irresponsible or even anti-social.

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