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Jaar 1977 x

Le Rassemblement Wallon au gouvernement

défi au gouvernement ou défi au parti?

Tijdschrift Res Publica, Aflevering 3 1977
Auteurs Pierre Lefev

    The participation of the Rassemblement Wallon (Walloon Gathering) in the Belgian government, from June 1974 to March 1977, pointed to great incoherence. Bebind the many incidents characterizing this experience, a ma;or change seems to have taken place within this party as well as in Belgian politics. Isolated in the government coalition, the RW was sub;ect to growing internal tensions, which resulted in the outline of contradictory strategies. The failure of its openings towards the right caused a rift in the party, thus necessitating alternate alliances with «the left», through a rapprochement towards the PSB (Belgian Socialist Party) and the FDF (Front of the French-speaking). This evolution highly contributed to the signing of an agreement between the three regions and to the onset of Belgium towards federalism.

Pierre Lefev

    The problem of political apathy and poor representation of women in the Belgian parliament bas been focused and seriously challenged with the 1974 parliamentary elections. Two different strategies hereby have been developed: on the one hand a separate, exclusive feminist party; on the other hand a strategy of female candidates on the more conventional ballots. The effects of both strategies are quite remarkable: whereas the newcoming feminist party was struggling with breakthrough problems, the female candidate strategy strongly effected the amount of female candidates, elected women, as well as the votes given to women, compared to previous elections. The accurate relationship between the women's campaign and its election effect can hardly be determined for the election determinant is too complex. The propaganda however, was an attempt to change the traditional image of women and to increase the political participation and emancipation of women via the instrument of parliamentary elections. The 1977 results, however, hardly equated the optimistic prospects of 1974: the feminist party didn't survive its second participation and the candidate strategyurgently needs permanent action and political sensibilisation.

Mia Nysmans
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